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asked February 29th 2020


what is the best way to store a ganached fondant covered cake and approx. shelf life once it has been cut


Hi Nicola

A ganache and fondant cake can be stored in a cake box at room temperature providing the filling is not fresh dairy such as dairy cream or cream cheese. These must be kept refrigerated. The shelf life is dependant on the cake recipe. Oil-based recipes tend to fare better than butter-based ones. On the whole, if the cake is for a customer, it is best to give a shelf-life of 5 days- 7days from the day of delivery. This would include once the cake has been cut.

A google search will throw up several pages of answers on Cakeflix site pertaining to shelf-life. or take a peek at the following to save you a search on the site:


I hope past answers will be helpful. 🙂

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