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asked May 25th 2022

Suitable sponge for stacking

I usually use a vanilla sponge recipe which is lovely, but too soft when covering. Do I add extra plain flour and how much? Or do I replace some of my SR flour with plain?


Hi Tomandhen123

Mrs Jones’ vanilla sponge recipe recommendations adding an extra 10% flour to make a firmer cake.

You could also use a madeira recipe which uses extra plain flour. I believe Mrs Jones has a madeira recipe in the Cakeflix tutorials .

A sponge cake using the all in one method, rather than the creaming method, also produces a slightly firmer crumb which will take covering with icing and for stacking.

On the BBC food site, take a peek at Jane Hornby’s wedding cake recipes. She has a wonderful vanilla sponge and also a lemon sponge which both take fondant icing.

Hope suggestions help. Please come back if you need more information 🙂

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