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asked June 13th 2020

Sunflower oil substitute


I wonder of anyone can tell me if I can use olive oil (type used for salad dressings) instead of sunflower oil or vegetable oil for making a carrot cake please?

Many thanks


Hi bellscakes

Light olive oil is sometimes used for carrot cake. I wouldn’t really recommend anything heavier because it will be very greasy and the taste will come through too. There are cake recipes which do ask for extra virgin olive oil but it isn’t to everyone’s taste.



Hi madeitwithlove

Many thanks, I only just realized that you’d responded as the notification must have gone onto my spam or junk folder.


Not to worry. Did you use olive oil in the end?



Hi Madeitwithlvoe

Yes I did use the olive oil as I’d no butter left of sunflower oil, and the cake didn’t taste very good I have to say. To make maters worse I over baked it a bit. Ah well you live and learn!

Hope you are keeping well.


That’s the way to do! It’s a learning experience.

If I have no butter or oil, I make a gorgeous fatless sponge and fill it with custard and tinned fruit. You won’t believe how it gets devoured. Last week I did one with a jelly and custard filling with piped meringue which I torched with my decorators gas torch. It smelled amazing.

I’m keeping ok thank you. Hubby and I have to shield for a lot longer yet as he has leukaemia and still not in remission. All said done we’re fine. I hope that you are too. 🤗😘🤗😘


HI madeitwithlove

Your fatless sponge sounds delicious. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m out of butter and oil. I’m so sorry to hear your husband has leukaemia, but do hope that he gets better very soon.

Thanks we are keeping well though like everyone else looking forward to the time when we can return to more normal times.

Take care and both stay well. xx

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