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asked January 26th 2013

Sweet Success’s gluten free cake mix


Has anyone tried the new gluten free cake mix that Sweet Success have brought out.


I need to make a gluten free cake in a couple of weeks and don’t have time to try out new recipes. I’m thinking it may be safer to use a professional mix.



Hi Marianlorraine

Non gluten cake mixes are usually very good so I don’t see any reason why a gluten free mix would be any different. However, you say you don’t need the cake for a couple of weeks, there are many good flourless cake recipes which are very easy to bake without having to buy specialist flours or additives like Xantham gum to keep a GF cake moist. You’ll find many recipes by googling ‘flourless cakes’, all you’ll need really is ground almonds (or any other ground nut) as the substitute for the flour and the other normal ingredients which are required for cake baking. Some dessert type cakes don’t even require nut meals. Just another suggestion.


You should try it out in advance and see what it tastes like, don’t just trust that it will fit your needs!

I usually buy a gluten free flour and search for a sponge recipe….I haven’t been let down so far.

My favourite gluten free cake is a fruit cake……because there are so many other ingreients and the flour is just a small part of the over-all mixture you really can’t go wrong, I just add a little extra liquid 🙂


I have made a small cake with this mix, when you make it, it is almost like meringue, when baked it is very light in weight compared to sponge cake, but it covered ok with buttercream and icing, and was told it tasted really good. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your replies madeitwithlove, jojo99 and iainkean. I’ve been so ridiculously busy this week that I haven’t had time to do anything yet. I’ll order the Sweet Success mix and give it a try as Iain was told it tastes good. I’ll also look into the flourless recipies and the gluten free flour. I’ll let you know how I get on! Mx

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