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asked November 24th 2021

Swiss Meringue buttercream shelf life

Once ganached, and iced, how long will a cake filled with swiss meringue
buttercream last? How many days before delivery can you fill (Swiss
meringue buttercream), ganache and cover with fondant?

Asked on behalf of: Liz Stubbs


For Liz Stubbs

Swiss meringue buttercream is very stable and if kept in a cool environment, will keep well under a ganached and fondant covered cake for approximately three days at room temperature. It is reasonable to give three days for filling, covering, and decorating, and two/three days for eating. Keep refrigerated during the filling and ganaching steps as much as possible.

For an even more stable meringue-based buttercream, you might like to try the Italian version which employes cooking the egg whites with boiled sugar. There are myriad recipes online to choose from. Here is just one:


Hope this helps with an added suggestion. 🙂


That’s brilliant, thank you so much.


You are welcome lizstubbs51 🙂

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