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asked August 19th 2012

Tardis cake

Hi, has anyone ever made a tardis or Dr Who cake? and if so how did you do it?


Hi I havent personally made one but check out spacedoutinc.org talks about how they made theirs and it looks pretty good to me. Hope it goes well


I made one earlier this year which might give you an idea.  See it  on my little slide show at http://www.pinkrabbits.org.uk/cakes   🙂


That’s brilliant thank you. Headrabbit your cakes look really good would you mind giving me a rough breakdown of how you did the tardis, like did you use regular fondant and how did you do the writing detail etc . I’ve been asked to do one for a friends birthday so any help would be really appreciated as I’m new to all this cake decorating but loving it x


My approach to this cake was as follows:

  • Basic cake was an 8” x 8” Rich Fruit Cake sculpted into the Tardis shape.
  • Covered with a thin marzipan crumb coat.
  • Covered with a thin layer of white fondant (Tesco).
  • Covered with second thin layer of “cut-out” fondant to give the detail of the roof, the door panels and the windows. (Dark blue fondant could be used – in my case, I masked the windows and airbrushed the colour).
  • Detail was printed onto icing sheet for windows, signs, etc. (Note: I use an inkjet printer with food grade edible inks printing onto A4 icing sheet (Kopykake or similar), but edible-pen onto icing sheet or edible paper (Lakeland) could also be used – or even piped on, but I’m absolutely rubbish at that!).
  • The blue light uses inexpensive bits from Maplin and the figures are models “borrowed” from the birthday boy’s toy-box!


NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE AN INKJET PRINTER UNLESS YOU ARE 100% POSITIVE NO TRACE OF ORDINARY PRINTER INK IS PRESENT OR YOU ARE TRYING TO POISON SOMEBODY.  I would be quite happy to offer advice on the choice and use of printers/icing sheets for cake decorating if anyone would like to learn more or is tempted to give it a go  🙂

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