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asked October 1st 2021

Textured Buttercrean Wedding Cake

I’ve been asked to make a textured buttercream wedding cake. Can I use my normal buttercream recipe which is one quantity of butter to two quantities of icing sugar? Or should I be adding a quantity of royal icing sugar to make it a little stiffer? I’m just a little concerned the buttercream might start to melt when the air temperature at the venue rises. It’s Autumn here so the outside temperature is approx 13 degrees (so not warm)! Look forward to hearing from you


Hi kilgunas

Unfortunately I don’t use buttercream but I know a lot of decorators do trust adding part royal icing sugar to their buttercream for better texture and structure in warmer conditions.

If you’re not sure what the temperature will be at the venue, the extra precaution of royal icing sugar may be wise. In any case, it won’t do any harm to use it.

In the easy wedding cake category of the Cakeflix library, there is a recipe for butter cream made with shortening used for a textured cake. The tutorial is the rustic wedding cake by Michelle Pattinson and which may be of interest too.

Hope this helps 🙂

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