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asked November 10th 2017

Thank you for your advice MIWL on wedding cake

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the amazing advice for my son's wedding cake.
I made four tiers fruit, chocolate (Paul's moist chocolate cake) maderia and Mrs Jones carrot cake top tier. I used the sturdy stacker system. Fantastic. I took it stacked to the venue and it arrived in perfect condition.
All the advice you gave me over these last two weeks has been second to none. You put my mind at rest.
Everyone at the wedding loved the cake. It was a huge relief when it arrived and I set it up in the hall. I was able to sleep that night!
So glad this site is available I couldn't have made this first ever wedding cake without your help.
Love this Q and A.
Next year it's my daughter's wedding so another cake.
Thank you again.


Oh WOW blueberry, thank you so much for your feedback and so happy for you that everything went to plan for you. Now you have great experience doing a wedding cake! Your daughter's cake will be a breeze 🙂

Did you post your cake pictures on Paul's facebook? If you haven't, it would be fantastic if you did. Please add a little back story how this is your first ever wedding cake and the fact that you used Paul's chocolate cake recipe and Mrs Jones carrot cake for the top tier. Ooooo, I feel so excited for you and relievd too!! xoxo

Here's Paul's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulBradfordSugarcraftSchool/

With my very best wishes.


I have uploaded a photo and made a comment on Paul’s Facebook page.
Thank you


You are very welcome! and thanky you for your very kind words xx 🙂

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