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asked July 3rd 2021

Thickness of buttercream covering

Hello everyone, I would be very grateful if you could advise me on how thick I should make the covering of buttercream outside a cake. I’m going to start my own business but up to now only bake for friends and family. Some people say the buttercream is too thick and others say it could be thicker. I know individual tastes differ, but could you please advise me how thick the buttercream should be to keep most people happy and also if the thickness should vary if cakes are stacked. I think I’m ok on the thickness of ganache, but if you could advise on that too I’d be grateful. Thanks


Hi BerneseGirl

If you‘re covering the cake with fondant, a quarter of an inch is more than adequate. I use exactly the same amount as with ganache or until I’m satisfied with the finish.

Hope this helps. 🙂


In Cakeflix free section, take a look at Paul’s tutorial‘using buttercream’ . It’s the best guide to follow.


Thanks very much Madeitwithlove. Every recipe seems to give a different amount for each cake. I’ve watched Paul’s tutorial and must watch it again obviously. I totally agree – Paul is the best. Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome!

The amount stays the same for all tiers, or until you are satisfied with the finish. 🙂

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