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asked November 16th 2012

To MIWL re egg sizes

I hope you don’t mind me asking you this but I’ve noticed you’ve given a little advice about egg sizes for Paul’s chocolate cake recipe. This probably sounds a very silly question but is there a specific weight large eggs should be. Asking as i tend to get my eggs free range from my father-in-laws farm and I’m not sure what is definitely a large egg or medium size. I would like to give Paul’s recipe a go so have been reading all the advice.


Hi Scarlett

Large eggs in their shells are considered to be anything between 63 – 75 g anything above that (seldom in this country, unless you know different!) are considered to be extra large. Some recipes actually ask for eggs in weight, so it’s worth knowing what the weight of different size eggs should be. Next time you get your eggs give them a weigh, and if sometimes you do get eggs of varying sizes you’ll still be able to use them by bringing the weight up to your recipe requirements. This information is also posted towards the end of post ‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ my feed back. How lovely you get fresh farm eggs, I live in the countryside yet still go to the supermarket for eggs, how daft is that?!!


Thanks you so much for this helpful advice. Regarding the free range eggs they really do taste better, give them a try from somewhere local near you sometime x


I know they taste different but I don’t always have the time to get to the farms, I do try and make the farmer’s market if I’m not too busy. Just as a little extra information, if you make meringues use older egg whites, they make better volume than fresh whites. x

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