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asked February 11th 2022

To watch module one again what do you do to go back ?

Have and want to watch module 1 tutorial again how do I go back?I'm taking these modules just one at a time paid £125 .David Williams.


Hi David Williams

Is it the Cakeflix Masters modules which you wish to access? This is accessed from the drop down menu ( 3 horizons lines) next to the Cakeflix logo. Open the menu, sign into your account, select Cakeflix Masters and continue to the module 1 video tutorial.

Please let me know if this helps. You can also email [email protected] if you are still experiencing problems.


Hi David,

As MIWL says above you will have lifetime access to the Module.
If you have any problems please email me on: [email protected] and I can look into your individual access on the site.

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