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asked February 3rd 2014

Transferring cake


Any tips on transferring 12inch square cake onto cake board I have problems lifting it onto board it has halved with me in the past .


Hi Alicain

I have the same problem too. Sometimes I decorate directly on the cake drum or use a cake card which can be transferred onto the drum. If you're based in the UK, bigger Sainsbury's supermarket sell large stainless steel cake lifters for £3.99. I have one, it's really helpful.


I use a pizza lifter.I also have a large metal spatula but I,ve had it for 30 yrs


Thanks to you both for your ideas


I'd definitely use a cake card underneath the cake. I've learned the lesson the hard way and now I never ganache a cake off the main board without a cake board under it. I have yet to buy one of the cake lifters (I use a large spatula) but I heard they are great too.

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