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asked June 13th 2021

Transporting a textured buttercream wedding cake in hot conditions

I am doing a 2 tiered textured buttercream wedding cake which has to travel 100 miles or so to the wedding venue. I am concerned that if the weather is hot on the day as to how I can keep it cool in the car and prevent melting/loss of texture.

Thanks in advance for any tips you may be able to pass on to me


Hi clan

Here are some suggestions:

As it is a buttercream covered cake, you could keep it refrigerated in it’s box until you travel.

To help retain the coolness of the cake and box, place them both into another box and shield with a large insulated bag if you can do so safely.

If you have air conditioning in your vehicle, get it going so the temperature is really cold before you begin your journey and keep it going until you reach your destination.

You could also try a more stable buttercream which will hold up better in hot weather. For suggestions take a peek here:

Buttercream in hot weather

Hope this helps πŸ™‚


Dear Madeitwithlove,
Thank you for taking the time to reply and for your advice.

I was thinking of using Italian meringue buttercream, would I be able to add white choc ganache to it and is there a ratio of ganache to the buttercream?

Many thanks again



Hi clan

Yes, IMBC can be flavoured with white ganache. Try using between 6 % - 1O% ganache total weight of the buttercream.

So, once your buttercream is made, weigh all of it and calculate the amount of ganache based on that weight. Make the ganache in the usual way depending on how hot the weather is. I use 3:1 chocolate to double cream ratio, some people use 4:1 ratio but I don’t find that necessary. Too much will be sickly.

Make a trial amount first before diving into the full recipe. If for any reason it looks curdled, pop it in the fridge to cool right down then re beat it back to working consistency.

If you have problems calculating the %, post back, but let me know the weight of you buttercream. πŸ™‚


Thank you so much


Hope all goes well with your cake. Take care xx


Thank you will let you know

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