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asked January 15th 2013

Tylo Powder

Hi Guys

I want to make some of my fondant into something more like gum paste. Looking online, people talk about Tylo powder and Gum Traganth (no idea how to spell it!!).

Which one would be best? I am trying to make a shoe and handbag as cake toppers if that helps 🙂




Hi mummykare

If you put in the search box ‘Clarke Baxter’, there are two answers there for you. You can also use CMC powder which is like tylose. The difference between them is that gum tragacanth is a natural substance while the other two are chemically produced. Gum trag will make stronger models and is better used after 12 hours. Gum paste made from the other two products can be used straight away, but it’s fine to use any of them.

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