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asked June 30th 2012

Unicorn 3d cake

I have been trying to find some decent tips on how to create a unicorn cake but I am not getting anywhere, is there anyone here that can help me?



Dont know if this is any help. They say they use the Wilton 3d lamb cake tin



Beuatiful but I couldn’t do this good!


also try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWu1kUOva88 much simpler but maybe too simple.

Just google unicorn cake, also look in images there;s loads of pics!


Hi Kristy, take a look at ‘Cake stories’ unicorn wedding cake by Rose Sen. This is not exactly a tutorial but there are some good pointers. I have to make a 3D horse cake so I’m using this for reference.  I think having a large 3D standing cake would need a lot of internal structure and would definitely have to be made in sections. I’m going to sculpt the head with rice krispies but haven’t figured out the rest of it. Perhaps you’ll get a few tips from Rose Sen, just sorry I couldn’t help more (we’re both in the same boat!).

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