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asked April 26th 2021

Upscaling a recipe from round to oblong.

I use your calculator regularly which I find incredibly helpful. However, the only options are for round and square cakes. Can u advise me on how to increase my recipe from a 10″ round to a 15 x 12 oblong. The depth of both tins are 3″. Is there another calculator that does different shapes?

Also, I’m having problems with drizzling a cake. Immediately after taking the cake out of the oven I make loads of holes in it with a skewer and then
i’ll slowly pour warm lemon drizzle over it. The problem is the drizzle never travels to the bottom of the cake. It doesn’t even hit the middle. I use either caster sugar with lemon juice or icing sugar and it still doesn’t work. Am I doing some thing wrong?

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi diahanngraham

In order to increase the recipe multiply each ingredient of the 10″ round cake by 2.3. That will give you exactly the correct amount to fill your 15 x12 tin.

The lemon drizzle is not intended for soaking the cake right down to the bottom. It is more for making an attractive cake crust to form for additional texture and flavour.

If you would like to add moisture to the cake, this can be done with a simple syrup solution drench made with equal quantities of sugar and water or juice. It can also be made using half the amount of sugar to liquid. This is boiled for one minute, cooled, and used as a drench. Additional flavours can be added to the cooled solution before carefully pouring over the warm cake.

The solution is absorbed by the cake keeping it moist. Don’t overdo the drench as it can end up making the cake soggy.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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