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asked May 16th 2017

Using a 3 inch cake pan

Hi there, hoping someone can help me out. I'm planning to make a 9 inch layer cake for which I bought two 9 x 3inch cake tins, round. However I think the recipe uses 9x2 inch cake tins and when I baked my test ones in my tins, the layers were thin. Do I need to double the recipe to fit into the 9x3 ? I don't need the layers to be 3 inches, I bought the tins thinking they would be better than getting 2 inch tins, now I'm beginning to second guess. I'm making a three layer cake in total and would like to avoid having to torte the cakes myself you see.
Thank you in advance!


Hi mathurini

Usually 3" cake recipes finish around about 2.5" tall. If you think the recipe is for 2" tins, increase it up by using the site calculator which can be found by clicking on the resource tab or here :

Cake Calculators

I make layer cakes in 1.5" sandwich tins. They turn out perfect, no need to tort, just fill and stack. Card and dowel anything above 4" tall. Hope this helps.

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