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asked June 28th 2012


Do you always use ganache on your cakes under your fondant? Is it better to use the ganache than to use straight buttercream???  Just looking for the reasoning of using ganache


Hi Wendylyn,

We use ganache because it taste’s amazing and gives your cake a much more neat look, It cost’s more but is worth every penny. More and more cake shops are turning to ganache and for a plain sponge we use white chocolate ganache.

Thanks Px


after your ganache cools, is this when you spread it on your cake in the same maner as you do buttercream? Would you have to put it in the ice-box after the ganache was on?



Paul has a tutorial on how to use ganache. I haven’t used butter cream for years now because ganache is so much easier and sets up firmer to give a smoother surface for the fondant. A cake covered with ganache can be placed in the fridge. I find if the fridge is too cold it can cause the ganache to crack, I have a small fridge for cakes set at cool and the cakes are fine. Cakes with fondant icing should not be place in the fridge because moisture will damage the fondant.


I still do alot with buttercream mostly as that’s what my customers ask for but I really do try to push them to go with ganache. I first used it on Paul’s dragon class and I’m now hooked. It gives such a clean sharp finish. It tastes amazing and I much prefer to make it than buttercream, it’s so easy

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