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asked December 8th 2018

Using lights in a carousel cake

I recently saw a reply from madeitwithlove saying that she used lights in a carousel cake. I very much wanted to do that on my last carousel cake but couldn't figure out which kind to get, where to get them, how to attach them and if it was possible to turn them on and off.. Would appreciate any information since I make carousel cakes for each of my grandchildren (new one on the way) and try to upgrade or change a bit on each. Thanks for your help 🙂


Hi franke

I posted in the following thread how I attached the lights to the carousel cakes which I made:

Carousel Cake with lights

Since then many cake decorating stores sell little stud lights specifically for cakes. I was given some last year but haven't used them. They come with instructions so it shouldn't be too difficult to use them. See them here:

Please also take a look at some of the tutorials where Paul has used LED lights. You'll find them in the novelty section of the tutorials library.

Hope this helps 🙂