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asked May 25th 2018

Wedding cake design solution

I’ve been asked to make a cake for a friend’s wedding (my present) and I have a design flaw in my head!!

The wedding is in August so still time to tweek my head (and fheirs?)

It’s a woodland wedding and they are BIG travellers so, they sent me pictures of bark style, globes and suitcases and naked cakes with berries and flowers.

Of course I can’t find another cake photo with all of those combined.

So, my questions are:

If I do the
bottom tier in bark/wood effect, (trad fruit cake)
Middle tier travel - suitcase would be easier than globe in lemon cake
Top tier naked Victoria sponge with the berries and flowers.

1. How do I sort out the shapes ....bark is obviously round and probably same for naked cake. Any solutions on how to not have the random rectangular suitcase look odd in the middle?

2. Will the naked cake also look odd on top of two iced cakes ?

3. Any “non traditional’ layout solution ideas if this wasn’t a typical 3 tiers one on top of other?

4. Would the globe be somehow better but how difficult is this to design? I’d prefer freehand to buying a ready made globe covering?

Thank you


Hi therese1

So, you're making three tiers?

Bottom tier 10" round fruit cake with bark effect. Here is a beautiful guide:

Middle tier suitcase: would need to be 8" rectangle. There are loads of suitcase tutorials on youtube. The case could be dressed up with luggage labels, destination labels, maps, aeroplanes, boats. This can be placed at an angle on top of the bottom tier,

Top tier naked cake with fruit and berrries would need to be 6" round. This can be slightly elevated on a 2" deep x 4" round cake separator. Guide here:

How to use Wedding Cake Separators

These are just some ideas which might get you thinking 🙂
If you wanted to do a globe it can be done using a center dowel going through all the cakes or by using a stacking system like this:


What do you think? 🙂

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