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asked April 9th 2017

Wedding cake fruit cake

Hi, when making a fruit cake as one of the tiers of a wedding cake, do you suggest to bake at least 2 cakes and stack them together to get some form of height and then add drums to get more height? If so how do you attach the 2 layers of cake in place? thanks.


Thank you so much madeitwithlove , apologies for the late reply! Really helpful xx


You can do it either way. If you stack two together I would recommend that you use a centre dowel to prevent them from shifting. Fruit cakes are jolly heavy so there shouldn't be too much moving about. Once attached together, plug in any unevenness where the cakes join together with some marzipan or sugarpaste. Smooth it along to make the surface completely flat, leaving no bulges before icing. Depending on how tall you want to make the cakes will be a factor whether you use drums to give more height.
For scaling up recipes the site has a useful calculator for your convenience here:

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You are very welcome. Please do come back if you need more information.

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