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asked July 27th 2012

wedding cake tier sizes?

hi all,

I need to do a five tier wedding cake with the second and fourth tier covered on the outer edge with blossom flowers or hydrangeas.


should I therefore make a 12″, 10″, 8″, 6″ and 4″ or will the 10″ and 6″ look odd once the flowers are stuck round?  I want it to look aesthetically correct once finished and not odd.


thanks all!





I always do 2″ between my tiers usually. Do you have cake tins or dummy’s that’s you could stack as a guide and add on a couple of rough flowers to check their positioning to see if it suits? Or maybe trim the 10″ and 6″ just slightly so it’s like a 9 1/2″ giving the 1/2″ for the flowers if that makes any sense.


makes perfect sense, thanks very much I’ll have a play,

thanks for your quick response aswell, appreciate that,

nicola x


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