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asked February 1st 2023


Hi making a three tiered wedding cake however 200 guests . Can I have an idea of how much xtra cake I will have to make for all


The cakes are round and 4” high
What I mean re buttercream which type of buttercream is best eg american Italian for the outside finish of the cake


Hi Alicain

To calculate portions, use the Cakeflix calculator here:

Portion Calculator

If you have any problems, please let me know the size of each tier you have baked so that I can give you, an approximate calculation for any extra which may be required.


Cakes are going to be 10, 8, and 6 inch if you can guide me re size of sheet cake
It is a textured buttercream finish what would you suggest as the better to use
Kind regards


Hi Alice

Please let me know the following:

Are the cakes round or square and are they the standard 3″ tall? The shape and height of each cake will make a difference in the number of portions yielded. Please have a look at the portions guide in the link I’ve set, it will give you an instant idea of the number of portions each cake will give.

Did you mean which is the best butter? For a whiter buttercream, Lurpak gives the best results although it is extremely expensive now.


Hi Alice

Re Cakeflix portions calculator, based on a portion size of 2 inches x 1 inch for sponge cake, will yield the

6″ round yields 15 portions,

8-inch round 25 portions

10-inch round 38 portions.

This will give a total of 78 portions for all 3 tiers.

To feed 200, you will need an additional 122 portions from sheet cake.

A half sheet pan 18 inch x 13 inches will give 117 portions.

There will be five portions short, which is not a problem because not everyone eats cake. But you could stretch it to 200 portions if you wanted. The venue staff will be good at dividing up.

The most stable buttercreams are Italian or Swiss. they are both smooth, not gritty.

Hope this helps. 😉


Thankyou so much for your valuable information much appreciated

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