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asked July 16th 2012


Hi everyone, i have been told by loads of people to start my own cake business and haven’t got a clue where to start, i came across this site and wondered if i did the online ¬£89 per year course then the online pro course when it starts would this be enough? i am getting a hygiene certificate, i just wondered if their was any specific qualifications i need? Thanks in advance. Chelsea xx


Hi Chelsea

The site has been designed so that everything you need to know in order to set up and run a profitable cake decorating business is available. And with the Pro section being added, you’d definately have all the knowledge you need!

And of course, the only other thing is your own hard work, but that goes without saying ūüôā



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thats great thankyou so much for your help, ill definately register on the course in a few weeks, thankyou xx


hi Chelsea,

Just to add that we are currently working on a detailed Pro membership package which will give you everything you need to know on starting and running a successful cake decorating business.

We will be sharing the knowledge and experience built up over the past 12 years in business which has seen us make many great decisions and some very poor ones. Last year our turnover was £1.4m. We share all that experience along with very practical help on Pricing, Marketing, the rules you need to know, hosting wedding appointments etc.

We are aiming to launch this at the end of August and will be worth its weight in gold. It will be a separate membership, but you will learn so much that it will be worth the investment.

Please watch this space for further details.

Kind regards,



brilliant will definitely be doing both the pro and the £89 per year course, just got some work to finish first and then i will be registering. thankyou so much for all your help, really looking forward to starting. thankyou.

Chelsea x


I will have a look and thank you very much for your help xx


Hi Chelsea, assuming you are in the UK, have a look at the Business Gateway website which gives lots of advice about starting a small business. They also offer free courses covering things like tax, vat, marketing and book keeping. Also, have you considered joining the British Sugarcraft Guild? Your local branch will have monthly meetings at which there will be a demonstration of Sugarcraft techniques and then a chance to talk to others in the cake business or just passionate about cake decorating! Joining also gives you access to their insurance scheme which gives you basic product and public liability for selling cakes part time with a turnover of up to £7500 a year.

You also need to register with your local Council and have your kitchen inspected but as you have booked your hygiene course it sounds like you have already spoken to them.

Hope that helps a bit and good luck!


thats great thankyou so much for your reply, it has helped so much, thankyou xx

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