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asked September 9th 2012

which fat and which sugar in sponge cakes?

Just watched Mrs Jones video and I was interested to hear her say she prefers stork baking margarine to butter in her sponge cakes. I have always used butter as i thought this would enhance the taste. i also use golden caster sugar but noticed she used ordinary caster sugar. would welcome advice on this


Hi lovebaking,
I gather that she was saying that due to the amount (and therefore the expense) of butter, that stork was just as good. I used to always use stork as my Grandmother did and have only recently started to use butter as it is a lot cheaper now than years ago.

I would also think that as long as it is caster sugar then it should not matter what colour it is. Maybe the golden caster is not as refined as the white and therefore a little heavier..not sure on that point.

Hope this helps.



I personally always use stork in my cakes. I used butter once when I ran out of stork and felt that the sponge wasn’t as light. I also use golden caster sugar because I like the flavour but it isn’t as fine as white caster and can give a cakes a bit more bite.


Hi lovebaking

The soft stork margarine will give you a very light sponge because it is a mix of water and vegetable fats. If you want a cake for carving it has to be a little more dense than a light sponge. Some bakers prefer to use block margarine because it is harder. Your question on sugar, I find golden caster sugar has a tangier taste, white sugar to me tastes sweeter. My preference is the golden but, I find the sponge is a little darker. I don’t find the texture of the two sugars any different, perhaps I haven’t taken any notice of it. This is just a little additional information and I hope it helps.


thank you all so much and for answering so quickly. i will try the soft stork margarine but think i will stick to the golden caster sugar as i do think this enhanced the flavour of my cakes.

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