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asked October 20th 2019

Whipped Chocolate ganache

I would like to know when is the right time to whip chocolate ganache. after keeping the ganache at room temperature for several hours or soon after removing out from refrigerator?


Hi ecofaith

Ganache can be whipped as soon as it has thickened at room temperature or just shortly after making. However, if it has been refrigerated, it must first be brought to a working consistency by warming it in the microwave. Warm it on the low setting at intervals of two or three seconds. Mix gently after each interval to prevent burning.

Once the ganache has loosened up, it can be whipped. It is better to use a stick blender rather than a whisk attachment for a smooth finish. Whisk attachments incorporate too much air/bubbles into the ganache which can be extremely difficult to disperse. There is also the additional risk of over whisking which makes the ganache grainy and not very pleasant to eat. 🙂


Would this also apply to buttercream, when it is brought to room temperature, obviously not softened in the microwave though.


With buttercream, just put it back into the stand mixer. Use the paddle attachment to bring it back to working consistency on medium speed 🙂


Thank you.

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