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asked May 2nd 2013

White chocolate for Paul’s choc cake recipe

Has anyone tried using white chocolate for Paul's choc cake recipe?
i love his recipe but I need to make a white choc cake hoping it would have the same outcome.


Hi lex1612

White chocolate won't give the same texture as Paul's cake because dark chocolate has cocoa solids which help form some of the cake structure. White chocolate is not really chocolate, it is composed of milk solids, vegetable fats and flavours and a small amount of coco butter. Here is a recipe for a cake made in the method of Paul's cake http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/white-chocolate-mud-cake-3436. White chocolate also has very little flavour, and very often tastes sickly sweet. I've tried several white chocolate mud cake recipes, they always come out heavy, dense and look under cooked with a funny smell. Perhaps it's just the way I bake them. The best white choco cake I've baked is Fiona Cairns white chocolate and cardamom and rose water sponge. It can be filled with with white chocolate butter cream or her suggestions of fillings. Her recipe is on the internet and can be seen by googling her. I expect other members will have more suggestions, this is just mine. Hope you find something to suit you. x


Thanks madeitwithlove really appreciate your quick response and advice.



There is a couple of white chocolate recipes in the planet cake books that are lovely.

Also does anyone know what switching condensed milk instead of milk do to a receipe . I am trying to make a fudge cake


Hi kbrown

Condensed milk makes cake a bit more dense but moist as well. I don't know whether you're looking to bake a white choco cake or just normal, have a look at this recipe which uses condensed milk and note the low coco content advise for the chocolate http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/532637/. Condensed milk is sweet so if you're going to be using sugar it might be better to look for one which is unsweetened, I'm sure it is available. You could also scale the recipe up here http://www.cakeflix.com/blog/how-to-work-out-what-size-cake-tin-to-use.

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