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asked April 29th 2018

White chocolate raspberry cake

Hi do you have a recipe for a white chocolate raspberry cake that has a good shelf life. If not could you add raspberries to the maderia cake and what would I need for an 8 inch 4 inch deep raspberry madeira cake.
many thanks



Thank you and thanks for the very quick response




The following recipe has consistantly good reviews and has a good shelf life.

White Chocolate Mud Cake

It can be easily adapted to include rapberries. However, I would definitely not recommend using fresh raspberries as they will shorten the shelf life of the cake. Adding freeze dried raspberries would be the better option.

It is very much like a regular madeira cake except for the inclusion of the chocolate and raspberries. Might be a good idea to make a trial run before committing for the real deal!

Hope the suggestion helps.


You're welcome Lesley. Hope the cake turns out well for you. Freeze dried raspberries can be purchased online, just google them by name to see suppliers. 🙂

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