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asked May 16th 2018

White modelling chocolate

Does anyone have a fail safe recipe for white modelling chocolate please? Or can recommend one that doesn’t cost almost £30 per kg


Try here for recipes https://www.wickedgoodies.net/modeling-chocolate-recipe/

for ready made take a peek here:

You may also find some good deals on Amazon and ebay.

Please let me know if this helps or if you would like more information. 🙂


The type of chocolate to use depends on what you're making and whether it is for consumption.
I use cheap bars of chocolate or candy melts when making models which will not be consumed and a good chocolate like Callebaut for pieces which will.

When using candy melts, I prefer the Merckens brand. I find it has the best flavour and comes in an array of colours. ...... and if using chocolate bars, I use Lidle supermarket's Fin Carre which is around 30 pence for 100g. It has 29% cocoa solids, which makes it a good hard chocolate for making paste.

I've never used golden syrup for making modelling chocolate, only glucose. You could experiment with a little of each to see which you prefer. Golden syrup is cheaper but it depends on how th paste turns out.

The Wicked Goodies chart is excellent because it gives quantities for both candy melts and for chocolate. I would not recommend making a huge batch of paste all at once. It's best to make small amounts and kept wrapped separately for use as required. Modelling chocolate doesn't require refrigeration, keep it wrapped in cling film or a zip lock bag and store in a cool work box. 🙂


Thank you for the above information.
Is it possible to suggest the best white chocolate to use for this please Also is it better to use glucose or golden syrup?
Little confused as different recipes say different things


Also sorry I need to make around 3kg :s

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