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asked February 7th 2018

Why is my ganache cracking


I ganached cake following Paul’s tutorial, made a dark choc ganache using Belcolade 64,5% Dark chock and double cream. It set nicely, I left it in the room temperature and the next morning noticed that it has cracked. What did go wrong? Thanks in advance.


Thanks a lot for such a prompt response! Btw, I didn’t mention that I’m using vegan (oat & rice cream), probably that also has made it crack due to lower fat content...?


Hi inga_piraga

This is because the chocolate you have used contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than is used in the tutorials. Higher cocoa solids makes chocolate set harder and can sometimes result in cracking. Try increasing the cream by an extra 5 - 10% and that should balace out the ratio.

If you need more assistance or information, please post back. 🙂


Yes, that too would have contributed. So presumably a vegan would subsitiute the fat with some form of oils?
Your feedback would be most helpful to other members who are vegan. Thank you 🙂

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