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asked April 20th 2015

Will ganache “bleed” into Italian Meringue Buttercream if I use it underneath?

If I coat my cake with ganache prior to icing it with meringue buttercream (in order to get nice, straight lines) will the ganache break down and/or bleed into the buttercream? I'm concerned the large amount of butter in the icing may interact with the ganache.


Hello rose fera

Is there a particular reason why you want to use the buttercream on top of the ganache? If it's just a case of not wanting a shadow under the icing I would suggest using a layer of white ganache on top of the dark. That combo would definitely be fine. I use meringue buttercream as a filling and not as a coating under sugarpaste. I don't find it stable enough, particularly if the weather becomes warm. The possiblity of some interaction between the two mediums would be likely. I certainly don't think you'll have the sharpness which ganache alone will give.

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