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asked October 4th 2017

Will PB’s moist chocolate cake survive posting to Afghan?

Hi, I've been asked to provide a cake to be posted to military personnel in Afghan. The post may take about 3 weeks and the last few days may be a little warm! They tell me chocolate bars survive the journey. I'm thinking of doing Paul's moist chocolate cake recipe. Does anyone have experience of doing this? Or does anyone have an alternative recipe that they know will work in this situation?


Hi Orchid44

There is comprehensive information online about sending food goodies to military personnel serving overseas. Google 'Sending food overseas to troops' and also see here:

Paul's moist chocolate cake is dense but it is also quite fragile and is unlikely to survive for three weeks crushed in a vacuum pack. There is an alternative recipe for a similar but more dense cake here: https://www.cakeflix.com/how-to-make-chocolate-mud-cake
... however can't see that surviving either. Online guides are the best place to gather information for correct proceedure. If the cake is going to military personnel, could it not go through military supplies channels?

Hopefully other members may be able share their own experience of sending food to troops.

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