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asked September 24th 2012

Will this cake tin be ok for Teddy?

Hi to my fellow bakers

I have managed to source a cake tin of 33cm X 22.9cm by 5.1Xcm as in sydney i cant seem to find the 8X10”.
Do you think the if i alter the 10” moist chocolate cake recipe by paul to this tin size, I could get the depth and qty of cake to make Teddy?

Thankyou once again fellow bakers



Hi Meeraben

I have a feeling that’s what the Americans call a half sheet, 13x 9 x 2″, not sure, I use that size for brownies and lamingtons. If you convert the recipe accurately, then I can’t see why you couldn’t bake up in it. My only concern would be the depth and timing. Would you end up with too many layers to attain the height for teddy, and once ganached/buttercreamed, would it be stable enough? Do you not have a local Target store, or do they not exist any more? I know I used to get all sorts with them. I just feel you may be making work for yourself, but, if careful with the cutting you would have plenty of cake. If you cut the head out width wise you’ll get four head shapes for layering, and there’ll be enough left for the feet and some for extra height if you need it. Hope I’m making sense here. I’ve just had a look at my own pan and laid the template out on it, to me it looks like a fit!


No, I’ve got that all wrong!! not enough for the body, so the answer I think, there wouldn’t be enough height in the cake to make teddy with. Sorry about that Meeraben. You would need a deeper tin. I must be going senile!! x


Hi madeitwithlove,

Thank you so much for all your help once again. I really appreciate it. I’ll go back to the drawing board to see if I can obtain a deeper tin. Ill try target but not sure if it will be a heavy duty tin.

Thanks again


Just had a thought, you could just do it in a 10 inch square but it has to be 3″ deep. Cut the extra off and use it for cake pops or a snack. If you can’t get a heavy duty tin, you can insulate with double lining of parchment paper and also lag the outside of the tin with some brown paper. Sorry to mess you about, x

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