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asked January 22nd 2018

Wings angel cake

I’m really messed up with my wings topper. It’s ended up really heavy (700g each wing) and bigger dimension (12”x7”) for 9”x7”cake. Now I’m not sure if I can safe it. It feels so fragile to stand as topper. My question are:
1. I made a thick template from fondant but it cracked as I moved it so I put another cardboard layer to safe it, but it’s still not feel sturdy. Can I add more support for this wing to safely stand as a topper as it’s already heavy and what kind of support that I should make?
2. How I assembly the toppers without rip the cake?
3. If there is no way for no 1 and 2, then, should I make bigger cake or two cake for each topper? Or make the topper laying instead of standing?
4. Or should I just get rid of this wings and make smaller one? So frustrating!??
It’s for a customer but a friend of mine, and it’s for Wednesday. Please kindly advise me. Thank you in advance. x


Hello Nyoman Maria Shinta Dewi

Please could you say which tutorial you are referring to . If it is the Snowflake fairy, the wings on are made on wire with wafer paper and not on a fondant template.
The wings are very light. I can't see any other tutorial with wings except for the Barbie fairy. If you could set the link for the tutorial it would be a great help to sort out your problem. 🙂


It wasn’t from tutorials. I made it for my customer and I got stuck. I tried to watch the tutorials that will able to help me. I found the Harry Potter owl (the wings), but i did everything wrong. Fortunately the customer is fine with the wings laying down flat, I’m so relieved. Next time I’ll watching the tutorials before I start the new project. Thank you for your help. x


At least you tried and your friend was pleased with your effort. Well done for having a go! As you look through all the tutorials you'll find many different techniques which will add to your experience. This was a first trial, next time you'll be so much better x


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