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asked September 10th 2012

Xmas cakes in Silverwood multi square tin.

I am planning to make 9 x 4″ Xmas cakes in the Silverwood square tin with the dividers for a charity event this year. Not sure how long I should bake them for as I have only used the tin for individual cakes and 4 x 6″ sponge cakes before. Can anyone help.


Hi Marjorie, are you making fruit cakes or plain?


Hi marjorie

Have a look at www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/mini-caribbean-christmas-cakes. I hope this is what you’re looking for. x


Thank you for your replies. I am making traditional Christmas fruit cakes, I have made for the Christmas Bazaar each year but have had a lot of requests for smaller cakes. Traditional Christmas cakes are not made here in Crete, the Greeks don’t believe they will keep and will insist on putting them in the fridge.

As the cakes are so small I was concerned that the outer ones may cook through before the middle ones.

I have looked at your recipe MIWL but this is for the tin divided into four, will try it though it sounds delicious.


Hi, Is this Marjorie who lives in Plaka or thereabouts? If it is we spoke on the phone about sugar flowers a couple of years ago when I lived in Vamos! One year I made some mini xmas cake for the Christmas fair at Almyrida and they sold like hot cakes (excuse the pun!). I saved a few baked beans tins, gave them a good scrub out, put a round of greaseproof in the bottom and sprayed the sides with a cake release agent. I then filled them about half way up (I think!) lagged the outside of the tins with newspaper and baked for about half an hour. Really easy! I know you asked about the Silverwood, but this is a good alternative if you fancied giving it a try, and you can bake loads at once. Hope all’s well in sunny Crete, we enjoyed our time there! x


Hi loobianca,

Yes, Still in Plaka – I take it you have moved.

I have two of the silverwood tins, the old 3″ depth that I have had for more than 30 years and the new 4″ one which I bought as the extra dividers do not fit the old one – as I found out after I bought them.

I am making the cakes for the Sara Rainbow Charity, they provide holidays in Almyrida for children who have cancer along with their parents.

The baked bean tins sound a good idea might try than. Would still like to use my tins though, do you think that half an hour would be OK, I was thinking more like an hour at 130. x


Hi Marjorie

This is the link to Silverwood cake pans: www.alansilverwood.co.uk/id23html. Once you are into the site you’ll see different categories on the left hand side, one category is for recipes and quantities for the different size pans. Hope this is better than my last suggestion. x


Are you making a 9″ x 4″ cake or 9, 4″inch square cakes? If it is the latter I usually bake them for the same time as a 12″ square cake as that is more or less what it is(3 rows of 3, 4″ cakes)



Thanks Jayess.

I am making 9, 4″ square cakes and wondered if the divisions between the cakes would make a difference to the timing. Thanks for your input.

MIWL, I have checked the Silverwood site and although it doesn’t give precise details for small cakes in the multi tins it if very informative. I looked on there last year when I first thought to make lots of small ones but ended up making bar cakes and cutting them into individual or 4″ slices as required. Thanks again. x


Hi Marjorie, Yes, we moved back to the UK last year. With regards to the times for the xmas cakes in bean tins (or any tins for that matter!), I may have done them for longer than half an hour, I can’t really remember as it was a while ago. Either way, you’ll be able to tell by the colour won’t you, and if you stick a cake tester in to check as well. I hope you do really well selling them Marjorie, it’s a great cause you’re supporting. Well done to you! x

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