Sugarpaste that Doesn’t Tear

Paul is always on the look out for new products to try out to help improve his cake decorating.

While away at the London Cake International Show after spending time at the stand and his 3 live demonstration he found time to go and play.

One question he gets asked very often is how do you stop your sugarpaste from rippling and tearing? Usually thicker sugarpaste helps, but that’s expensive and when applying too thick a layer it can detract from the taste of the cake itself. The other option is to be careful and/or practice lots.

However, help is at hand. There’s a new product from the US called Fondarific which claims to act more like a modelling chocolate but have all the taste and cost of sugarpaste. Paul negotiated a free sample to take home to try.

As you’ll see from the video he was very impressed with it’s non-stick qualities and structure even when rolled out really thinly. It tastes good too with a gentle marshmallow taste to it won’t over shadow the taste of the cake itself.

It comes with many endorsements and now Paul’s added his it certainly is worth trying it out.

In the UK its being retailed by Buy N Bake who can be contacted on 01438 870373.

7 Day Free trial