Super realistic cakes to blow your mind

Fear not, for your eyes do not deceive you! While these beauties may be masquerading as something they’re not, we can assure you they are the genuine cakey article.

Feast your eyes on our selection of some of the most realistic looking cakes around. And if you fancy giving them a bash, check out our online tutorials.

Devour the Burger & Chips Cake

But it looks so meaty? How can this be? Just accept it, this is a cake.


Hang out with this Handbag Cake

Probably one of our most popular tutorials EVER.


Show off in the Range Rover Cake

Hey, nice wheels! And even better personalisation of the number plate.


Lookin’ Swiss

Either it’s a watch big enough for a giant OR it’s a cake.


Get your skate on

One for the ice queens and the Frozen princesses.


Strike it lucky with the Ten Pin Bowling Cake

You’ll score top points for mastering this creation.


It’s got to be a Tiffany Cake

Switch the light off, darling. No, not that one, that’s my bedside cake. As if Tiffany style lamps couldn’t get any more beautiful, we’ve now created a tutorial showing you how to make this iconic item in cake form.


The elusive Owl Cake

Twit twoo! Look into my eyes! They are made of cake!


Work the Steampunk Stiletto

Try walking a mile in these sci-fi inspired heels.

There’s something fishy

Mmmmmm. Fish cakes… No, not like that. For the keen fisherman in your life – impress him with the size of your catch.


Strike a pose for the Camera Cake

Look at the detail on that. You almost want to take a picture of it.


Play the Piano Cake

It’s time to let your cake decorating skills shine. Hit it, maestro!


Take the Vintage Car Cake for a spin

You simply can’t beat a classic.


Have you ever made an extremely realistic cake? Tell us in the comments below…

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