Nichola Meaney (GB)

Nichola Meaney
Expertise: Novelty , Wedding
Nichola Meaney started out in the cake industry in 2012. She has grown and adapted her business since then and is now the proud owner of award winning Class in Cakes from Stoke on Trent. She is a self taught cake designer and is now best known for creating high end wedding cakes and teaching cake decorating classes.
Nichola states that her biggest inspiration has been Paul and David at CakeFlix. She apportions her success to becoming a CakeFlix Pro member and then successfully completing the Train the Trainer course, followed by the CakeFlix Master Accredited Learning course in 2021.
The power and drive comes from within, but she says that Paul and David have been a huge source of support and comforting coaches over the years. Nichola says that the favourite part of her ‘job’ is being able to teach and pass on the skills that she has leaned over the years. She absolutely loves a BIG cake challenge, especially if it’s a wedding cake. Nichola states; The bigger the better! It’s the best job ever!
Giving her brides, students and customers an amazing experience is Nichola’s key goal and she thrives on bringing happiness and empowerment to her customers.

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