Suzie Bunner (GB)

Suzie Bunner
Tutoring on CakeFlix: 2020
Tutorials: 2

A former nurse, for many years  Suzie has found that managing her cake business has a lot in common with working in the caring professions. She follows the same principles of integrity and working in partnership, and hope that this inspires trust and confidence in The Cake Pavilion brand. Suzie is friendly and approachable yet professional.

In 2019 Suzie became a Paul Bradford Approved Tutor and is starting to make a name for herself with the fun, energy and passion that she puts into every class. Much in the same way as her former professional career, Suzie has patience, compassion and empathy with her clear goal to ensure that all her students leave having made a great cake, but having fun in the process. 

You will find Suzie at THE CAKE PAVILION.

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