Way Beyond Cakes Lace Mold Review

We had a pretty hectic and exciting weekend working hard with our guest, Michelle, who came up to do some AMAZING designs – soon to be released in our online courses library!

Michelle had some great ideas and together with Paul, they just loved bouncing ideas off each other all weekend, to continually add to the designs they had stayed up until one in the morning coming up with! But, it wasn’t just great ideas, Michelle, who came up form Yorkshire, also had a huge trade bag full of cake decorating tools…Paul’s eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas!

One of the new goodies that particularly caught the eyes of Paul and Michelle was a lace mold from Way Beyond Cakes. I’ve been following Mayens page on Facebook for a few months and there is definitely a constant stream of awesome to be enjoyed, so I would definitely recommend liking her page for starters! She also runs an Etsy shop found here and its here you can buy this mold amongst a raft of other cake decorating treats! In this short video blog, Paul and Michelle have a nice chat about the product as well as giving it a quick try. I don’t mean to spoil the end for you but…. they liked it… a lot!

Oh and one other interesting thing about this video, is the spectacular sunset over loch Tay in the background. Kenmore really is a beautiful spot for well, anything, but especially cake decorating! enjoy

– Paul Doffman

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