Wedding Cakes Hints and Tips Part Two!

Enjoy Part Two of our feature on “Wedding Gowns Through The Ages” – the display at Cake International Alexandra Palace spring show 2017.

Catch up with Wedding Cakes Hints and Tips Part One before you start

We asked top artists for their tried and tested hints and tips!

Karen Davies of Karen Davies Sugarcraft created the beautiful wedding cake for her daughter, Alice, last year, in the picture you can also see Alice’s wedding dress.

The wedding florist will often let you have a sample of each flower being used in the bouquet and venue decorations. Even if you aren’t going to have time to make one of each flower before they start to wilt, colour some samples of flower paste and for each flower make 2 petals and leaves that will be dry the next day. you can then dust one with powder colour. This is also useful for taking your own close up photographs of the fresh flowers ready for when you are working on them

Karen Davies

“Don’t be afraid to mix your own shade of lustre dust by mixing different colours together. I even added some cocoa powder to achieve the correct shade. Make a note of the colours used to create your mix so that you can do it again. Also don’t be afraid to take on a challenge outside your comfort zone – you will be surprised what you can achieve”

Michelle Pattinson of VS Cakes “This was not really our first choice..but when we started doing it, it was all over the place and there was no “flow”. So for the first tip, we’d say either plan your design well or if you have tried and it just does not work, move on with a fresh design so that you avoid wasting time and effort.  When we found this Elie Saab dress, we fell in love..First thing we prepared was the same colours so that it will emulate the look of the dress. Then we debated if we were going to pipe the floral designs or “paint” them.. Since the designs are abstract and on the side, we thought to do the painting technique so that it’s closer to the look of the dress. We just accentuated the cake with some “pleats” piping and ruffles to finish”.

Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes  For the tulle effect in the veil of my bride I’ve used “obulato”. It’s a japanese product that looks like an utterly thin transparent plastic made of potato starch. You can easily find it on chef’s sites. The flavour is almost nonexistent, like wafer paper, and is easily dissolved in water so I’ve painted it with cherry oil and white magic colours powder. I added some Icing sugar to achieve the matt surface”

Daniel created Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City

Daniel Dieguez Cake Artist

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