Donald Trump’s wedding cake sold for tasty sum at online auction

Donald Trump’s souvenir wedding cake set to go to the highest bidder

A souvenir cake from Donald Trump’s wedding has been sold at auction for $2,240 (¬£1700) after being put up for sale on online bidding site.

The 45th president of the United Stated married former model Melania Trump in 2005 and reportedly spent $50,000 on the wedding cake for the big day. However, guest never got a slice of the luxury seven-tier treat due to the amount of wire that was used to hold it upright. Therefore, souvenir cakes were handed out to guests in their place.


The souvenir cakes from Trump’s wedding up for auction is described as a chocolate truffle cake with a white frosting rose. These souvenir cakes were reportedly sent home with all attendees as the couples wedding favour (assumingly not to be sold online for future profit)

The Hollywood Reporter, er…reports that the main wedding cake at Donald and Melania’s big day weighed more than 200 pounds. The cake was said to be a buttercream filled yellow sponge cake, flavoured with orange zest. And despite being covered with 2,000 sugar flowers and soaked in expensive Grand Marnier (it’s a Brandy. Don’t worry I had to Google it as well.) None of the guests were offered a slice due to the cakes infrastructure.

The bidding started at just $250 for the souvenir cake last week, however, the price went up considerably after word spread of the cake being auctioned off. Still not bad for a piece of cake well over a decade old!



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