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There is so much more to our courses than Paul showing you how to recreate his cake designs. Each course is planned to include a wide range invaluable and highly transferable skills. This is where our mission fits in. We want to ‘empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ and this skills set will give you the confidence to do so!

On our Facebook page we have an photo album dedicated to photos of student’s cakes, that they’ve been kind enough to share with us. These photos are a showcase of all the student’s work, whether they are learning from home online, or have attended a course in the Sugarcraft School.

We have been in contact with two students, Angela henderson and Carolyn Neeson, to share their verdict on our courses with you. As you can see from the photos of Angela and Carolyn’s cakes, having increased confidence in your cake decorating skills allows you to create cakes as wild as your imagination!

Angela Henderson is a Sports Injury Therapist and has practised for 20 years. She has always been an ‘artsy crafty’ person, and made cakes for her kids birthdays when they were younger. However, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago she got the cake bug again and started making cakes on a weekly basis. The rest is history as they say! As she got more & more cake requests, she felt the need for a confidence boost & wanted to add a  ‘professional’ touch to her cakes. Alongside using our online courses, Angela attended the Five Day Intensive Course in January 2012, which left her very enthusiastic and keen to learn as much as possible. In May 2012 Angela then completed the Five Day Advance Course. Angela is still practising as a Sports Injury Therapist, but is delighted to say she has gone from being ‘the sore back lady’ to ‘the cake lady’.


The toy box christening cake  uses some of the same technique as the Jimmy Choo Shoe box and the toys inspired by models from the 5 day intensive course as well as the online courses.


You can learn how to make the roses from the red rose silver wedding cake on many of our courses you can attend as well as the online courses.



The Harry potter cake expands further on the graduation cake online course.



The Cream, blue and chocolate half wrap wedding cake was inspired by a cake made on the 5 day advanced course and by the chocolate wrap on the 5 day intensive course.


Carolyn Neeson is a part time Chartered Physiotherapist. She became interested in cake decorating after watching ‘Ace of Cakes’ on TV.  After making cakes for friends & family Carolyn set up a Facebook page to showcase her cakes. After lots of positive feedback she decided to take the plunge and has launched a home based cake business called Cahoots Novelty Cakes.
For Carolyn, it’s an ideal part-time business as she can fit it around her day job and young family….and most importantly, it’s fun! Carolyn describes our online courses as ‘fantastic’ She finds it easy to fit the online courses into her busy life, and feels the videos give a much better insight into cake decorating than reading a book does. The courses have increased Carolyn’s confidence in tackling different projects, and she has used the skills learned from various tutorials and applied them to her cakes.


This 1st Communion cake was inspired by books from graduation cake online course as well as using figures from the online courses used as a guide.



This dog figure uses some techniques from the Loch Ness online course. 


This badminton cake uses the basic cake covering course and the groom figure tutorial. The Q&A was also used to help solve how to create a badminton racquet and Carolyn found some helpful suggestions there.

If you have found either our online courses or the courses you attend at the Sugarcraft School helpful, please get in touch! We are going to use a selection of stuent cakes to feature in our blog on a regular basis. All we require is some photos with descriptions of what courses you found helped you create those cakes, and bit of background info about yourself. Also, feel free to send a link to your cake decorating websites if you have started up a business. Please get in touch with Danielle via the email address: [email protected]

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