Wedding Models Cake Tutorial Videos

More couples than ever are choosing to have their wedding cake decorated with edible models – as an eye-catching and often humorous focal point for the after-ceremony celebrations. 

Here you’ll find a series of in-depth wedding model cake tutorials, showing you how to make a fabulous couple to put atop a wedding cake. World-renown cake decorator Paul Bradford shows you how to make traditional, modern, and cute variations of the husband-and-wife-to-be. And world-class cake model creator Emma Balls shows you how to make a wedding cake with a full bridal party – great if there was a desire to include other attendees on the cake! 

Paul and Emma will guide you all the way – from baking the base cake, to creating wonderfully detailed – and completely edible – icing sugar faces. 

If you want to learn how to create fabulous models for wedding cakes, why not join our 7-day free trial and discover why CakeFlix is the leading cake video tutorial service – whether you’re an amateur or a professional. 

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