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Cake decorating is a skill that requires practice, patience, and creativity. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned cake decorator, being part of a community can be

Members Facebook Group

Members Facebook Group

incredibly valuable. In this blog, we’ll explore why community is important when learning to decorate cakes, and how joining the CakeFlix community can help you learn the art of cake decorating.

First and foremost, being part of a community can provide you with a sense of belonging and support. Cake decorating can be a solitary activity, but when you’re part of a community, you can connect with others who share your passion. You can share your successes and failures, ask for advice and feedback, and receive encouragement and inspiration from other cake decorators.

Our CakeFlix Family Facebook Group is where our members can relax, be themselves without feeling the need to impress or show off. Everyone in the Group is helpful and supportive and they recognise the pains and challenges as well as the joys and rewards of being a cake decorator. Once you are a member you will be invited to join and once you are involved with all the support around you as well as live shows and Q&As, its a wonderful source of inspiration and companionship.

Additionally, being part of a community can provide you with access to resources and knowledge that you might not have otherwise. Within the CakeFlix community, you can learn from experienced cake decorators who have years of knowledge and expertise. You can access tutorials, courses, and webinars that can help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge of cake decorating.

CakeFlix Pro Group

PRO Members business group

Another benefit of being part of a community is that you can participate in events and challenges that can help you grow as a cake decorator. The CakeFlix community hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including cake decorating competitions, online workshops, and cake decorating challenges. Participating in these events can help you develop new skills, learn new techniques, and push yourself to try new things.

As a CakeFlix Pro member you are invited to our business owners Facebook Group. This is where to go for help, support, guidance and to tap into a huge numbers of business owners knowledge and experience. Everyone is out to help one another, which is the supportive culture within the Group. CakeFlix Business Boot Camp presentations are often hosted in here as well as the monthly Q&A.

Finally, being part of a community can provide you with opportunities to network and build relationships within the cake-decorating industry. The CakeFlix community includes cake decorators from all over the world, and by connecting with other members, you can build relationships and potentially collaborate on future projects.

In conclusion, being part of a community is incredibly important when learning to decorate cakes. By joining the CakeFlix community, you can access resources and knowledge, participate in events and challenges, and build relationships with other cake decorators. So, if you’re interested in learning the art of cake decorating, join the CakeFlix community today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled cake decorator.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford


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