3D Spinning Electric Guitar Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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3D Spinning Electric Guitar
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 1 day
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Short of time? Watch the full tutorial highlights in just 11 mins.

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1. Cutting out the template

Make sure that you download the template and size accordingly TRACE TEMPLATE – Shown enlarge to 200%

NOTE: The base stand is explained in Lesson 10.

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2. Assembling the guitar shape

In this lesson you will assemble all the foam core cut outs to form the shape of the guitar.

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3. Making the cake food safe

Once the guitar shape has been created, it must now be made food-safe.

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4. Carving and ganaching

Now its time to get messy with the chocolate ganache! There are a lot of curves in the carving of this design. Remember to measure twice and cut once! Carving and ganching starts to really show the shape of the finished design.

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5. Covering the cake

This is an awkward shape to cover in sugarpaste, but watch how Paul rolls and covers the cake and neatens off the edges.

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6. Covering and painting the neck of the cake

The neck is one of the most important features of the electric guitar so check out how Paul covers then paints the neck to a great finish.

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7. Making all the guitar parts

The parts and features of the guitar are hugely important and all need to be created and decorated to add to the overall finish of the cake.

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8. Building the guitar

In this lesson all the assembled parts start to be constructed to form the finished piece.

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9. Adding the strings

The strings are a little tricky, but watch Paul add them to the guitar with some little extras to really give that rock’n’roll look.

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10. Adding the cake to the stand

This is where the magic happens as the cake gets carefully placed on the stand and taken for a spin!

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11. Other Ideas

Paul runs through a range of ideas that can be created once this technique has been learned.

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12. Pro Lesson

Paul now talks about pricing for this design.

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13. Bite Sized

Watch a summary of the full tutorial in just 1 minute!

3D Spinning Electric Guitar tutorial by Paul Bradford

This is an amazing, eye catching gravity defying design. The structure to support the 3D angle is hugely effective and once learned can be used for a number of designs. Let Paul take you on a cake decorating journey to create a jaw-dropping centre piece that would have the audience asking ‘how on earth did they do that!’ Find your inner rock band, get the rolling pin out and create the magic.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Carve an intricate 3D shape
  • Create a hidden internal structure
  • Cover an awkward shaped cake
  • Make a gravity defying cake spin and lots, lots more…

Learn more about Paul Bradford the artist on Sweet Talk.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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