Clematis Sugar Flowers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Clematis Sugar Flowers
with Ashwini Sarabhai
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 13
Decorating time: 2 hours
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Watch Ashwini make her beautiful sugar flowers in just one minute!

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Watch some hand-picked highlights from the full tutorial!

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1. Inner Stamens

In this lesson, Ashwini shows a quick way to make the short inner stamens of the flower.

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2. Outer stamens

Ashwini now shows how to make the outer longer stamens and shape them.

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3. Dusting and Assembling Stamens

In this lesson, Ashwini shows how to dust both the shorter and longer stamens. She also shows how to put both of them together.

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4. Making Petals

Ashwini now starts making and shaping the petals.

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5. Dusting Petals

Dusting gives life to a flower. Here Ashwini shows how she dusts the petals with lovely shades of purple.

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6. Assembling flower

In this lesson, Ashwini shows how to assemble the stamens and petals together to make a beautiful flower.

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7. Making Leaves

Leaves complete the flower. Ashwini now starts making the leaves in this lesson.

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8. Dusting and Glazing Leaves

Ashwini now shows how to dust and glaze the leaves giving them a sheen.

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9. Finishing touches

Finally, Ashwini shows us how she puts the leaves together along with the flower and gives finishing touches to make it look more real.

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10. Other Ideas

Ashwini shares some other ideas for making and arranging these pretty Clematis flowers.

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11. PRO Lesson

Everything a Pro needs to know about pricing and more for these flowers. Ashwini also tells how she would make different colour Clematis in this lesson.

Clematis Sugar Flowers Tutorial by Ashwini Sarabhai

Clematis are among the most popular and attractive flowering vines grown. They also vary with different flowering forms, colours and blooming seasons.
In this class, renowned Sugar Flower Artist, Ashwini Sarabhai, will show us how to make a pretty 4 petal purple clematis. 

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to...

  • Make center stamens and shape wired petals for a Clematis
  • Perfect and detail dusting with petal dusts to give a realistic look to the flower
  • Make and put together the leaves
  • Assemble all elements together
  • and lots, lots more

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Ashwini Sarabhai

Ashwini Sarabhai

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