Military Dog Bust Cake Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Military Dog Bust Cake
with Emma-Jayne Morris
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 23
Decorating time: 1.5 days
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Watch Emma Jayne complete the whole project in under 1 minute!

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In this lesson we pick out the key learning techniques to allow you to watch the main learning points in under 19 minutes! This is longer than usual for our Highlights lessons, but there is so much detail we didn’t want to leave anything out.

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1. making the eye balls

Emma Jayne starts off by creating the eye balls. The eyes in the dog are amazing so well worth paying close attention!

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2. Painting the eye balls

Now its time to paint the eye balls. Just look at the attention to detail in this lesson.

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3. Glazing the eyes

Emma Jayne now glazes the eyes to give that realistic look.

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4. Making the structure for the bust

Check out how Emma Jayne ensures that the structure is constantly in proportion for the overall design.

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5. Making the muzzle structure

Now its time to create the muzzle structure, again ensuring that its in proportion to the overall design.

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6. Constructing the face

With the structure in place, its now time to start creating the facial features.

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7. Building the head and jaw

Building the features continues with the head and jaw.

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8. Building the nose

Now its time to create the nose.

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9. Building the lips and lower jaw

The building work continues as the lips and lower jaw features are added.

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10. Building around the eyes

Emma Jayne now creates the eye sockets for those amazing eyes.

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11. Adding more structure to the face

As the features are added Emma Jayne just adds more structure to the face.

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12. Building up the body - Part 1

It is now time to start constructing the body.

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13. Building up the body - Part 2

Emma Jayne now completes the body structure in preparation for adding the jacket.

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14. Making the jacket

The jacket is the perfect covering to the body structure.

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15. Making the collar

To give the design a senior military look Emma Jayne creates a rather splendid collar.

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16. adding detail to the jacket

It’s now time to start to add the detail to bring this design to life. Emma Jayne starts with the jacket in this lesson.

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17. Making the ears

You can tell a dog’s character by its ears. Our military dog is no different as Emma Jayne adds some extra cuteness.

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18. Colouring the dog

The detailing continues as Emma Jayne starts to add colour to the design. This is a real talent of Emma Jayne’s as the design really starts to take on a realistic look.

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19. Adding the whiskers

Adding the whiskers and Emma Jayne’s amazing finishing touches the design is now complete. What a super achievement if you have gotten this far and we would love to see your interpretation of this design.

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20. Other ideas

Emma Jayne shares some extra hints and tips on how to use the skills and techniques taught.

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21. Pro Lesson

In this lesson, Emma Jayne talks to our Pro members.

Military Dog Bust cake tutorial by Emma Jayne

We are delighted to bring you this amazing Military Dog Bust cake tutorial by the super talented Emma Jayne. In this design Emma Jayne creates an amazingly realistic dog bust, which she then dresses in a military uniform. There are so many skills and techniques on display in this tutorial and perfect for anyone aspiring to create detailed and realistic features.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Prepare a proportioned structure
  • Create realistic fur effect and texturing clothes
  • Sculpt the bust following a template
  • Create super-realist eyes
  • Add colour and shade to really bring the design to life

Emma Jayne is the artist behind the amazing King Charles cake, which was on show at Cake International 2023. Emma Jayne is well known for her amazing features at Cake International and exceptional cake sculpting and modelling skills.

Previously on CakeFlix Emma Jayne has previously created the Winter Reindeer  and the Winter Lady Sculpted bust tutorials on CakeFlix and we plan plenty more to come.

Emma Jayne has one many awards and accolades for her work and is in high demand for her teaching skills. Having recently won Cake Artist of the year at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards and Cake Artist of the year at the D’licious Magazine Awards, just goes to show the high esteem that Emma Jayne is held in by the public, peers, and judges.

Emma Jayne specifically chose a Golden Retriever as the model for the Military Dog Bust as that’s the breed of Benji & Yogi, David and Paul’s dogs. Its incredible just how realistic the face and eyes are, so much so that Benji barked at the cake when he first saw it. During this filming session Emma Jayne also film a Festive Elf design, so watch this space for this coming to CakeFlix soon.

Emma-Jayne Morris

Emma-Jayne Morris

Truly one of the top cake artists and a wonderful personality besides, CakeFlix are delighted to welcome Emma-Jayne as a guest artist. Perhaps best known for her amazing sculptures at Cake International including Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and the emotionally charge War Horse, but to name just a few. But Emma-Jayne is also an exceptional tutor, which has seen her teaching all over the world. The sculptures that she creates are stunning in both size and detail. Emma-Jayne was the first featured artist in CakeFlix on-the-sofa chat, Sweet Talk. During the chat she discloses how she got started, who inspired her and some great advice for anyone setting off on their cake decorating journey. Emma-Jayne has received a number of amazing awards including Cake Hero at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards and Cake Artist of the Year at the D’licious Cake Magazine Awards. She has won many more besides and given her amazing talent, there are plenty more to come.
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