Moreish Wafer Paper Rose Sugar Flower Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Moreish Wafer Paper Rose Sugar Flower
with Monica Cavallaro | CakeFlix's Experienced Specialist
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 90 minutes
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Watch Monica make her wafer paper rose in just one minute!

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Handpicked highlights from the whole course!

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1. Materials list

Material List – Monica will take you through all the products and materials she will be using in the tutorial. Monica will also talk you through alternatives to the material lists during the tutorials. Plus a few of her favourite things! 

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2. Bud prep

Preparing the bud – In this episode, Monica will take you through how to securely wire up a bud for your Moreish Rose to ensure no slipped buds during rose making. 

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3. How to Make Edible Glue

Making Edible Sugar Glue – Monica is very specific about the glue she uses to work with wafer paper and has her own recipe with easy to access ingredients. This versatile recipe is also perfect for making toppers, fixing details to cakes etc. A staple recipe to always keep handy. 

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4. Let’s Talk About Wafer Paper

Wafer Paper Prep – In this episode, Monica will take you through the preparation of the wafer petals, including options on how to make the job even easier. 

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5. Preparing the Colours

 Monica takes you through the colours and brands she uses to add colour to the petals. Plus some awesome concepts you may have never considered. This is the big eye-opening moment for her students when it comes to adding colour to More Curl and the options are almost endless!l 

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6. How to colour and curl the petals

This is a game-changer episode! How to easily and safely colour your wafer paper for awesome effects without the hassle of individually petal dusting or hand painting, or even harder to achieve, airbrushing! This is always the fav moment of Monica’s students as it saves so much time and effort.

Curling Your Petals – Your life will never be the same again with this lesson – save countess hours in hand curling your petals with this lesson. Monica will take you through tips and tricks on how to achieve a natural and organic looking wafer petal that looks just like you plucked petals off a fresh rose!

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7. Cupping

Cupping Your Petals – Monica will spend some time with you and talk you through each petal and what to look for – Monica’s experience in petal creation will take your flowers to the next level. 

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8. Petal Placement

Time to put together your rose. Monica talks through in detail, how to pick petals and develop your rose into something natural in appearance with fundamentals in the Moreish Rose. 

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9. Colouring, Creating the Leaves and Calyx

In this lesson, Monica will talk you through More Moist, colouring options, wiring options, cutting options for quick and easy leaves that are effective and suit the rose perfectly!

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10. Rose Finishing Touches

The last and final lesson that brings all your elements together to finish off your rose perfectly!


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11. Other Ideas

Monica shares some other ideas to use for your own designs.

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12. PRO Lesson

In this lesson, Monica talks all about pricing and distributing her wafer paper rose.

Moreish Wafer Paper Rose

Monica from Moreish Cakes creates stunning wafer roses in her signature design called the Moreish Rose. Monica will take you through step by step how she achieves these roses and the products she uses as well.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Colour your petals quickly and easily with little amount of mess
  • Use wafer safe products to create stunning realistic roses in a jiffy!
  • Make your own edible glue that is not only wafer safe, but fast bonding and drying
  • How to place your petals for a realistic-looking finished rose
  • and much, much more

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Monica Cavallaro | CakeFlix's Experienced Specialist

Monica Cavallaro | CakeFlix's Experienced Specialist

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