Party Capers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Party Capers
with Karen Keaney
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 11
Decorating time: 2 Days
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Here we have carefully selected the key parts from the entire tutorial and condensed it in to an 8 minute long video. More than enough to get you started without taking up your time!

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1. Preparing the cake

Karen starts off by preparing the cake for ganaching. Karen is using the lid technique, which gets a superb finish every time, with little effort. Here we see Karen cut and level the cake, as well as add the crumb coat.

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2. Ganaching the cake

Karen now goes on to add the second layer of ganache after having the cake in the refrigerator and starts to work on creating smooth sides.

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3. Ganaching the cake pt 2

Here we see the benefits of the lid technique and just how easy it is to get a level top. Karen then cuts a slice away from the cake and then re-ganaches the inside of the cake, as well as the slice.

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4. Covering the cake

In this lesson Karen shows us how to cover the cake and the slice separately, by cutting out panels of sugarpaste and attaching them with a little water.

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5. Covering the cake pt 2

Karen now covers the large piece of cake with a fun piece of sugarpaste that gives the effect of something being poured over the cake.

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6. Adding decorations

Here Karen begins to add some fun decorations using various colours of sugarpaste.

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7. Adding detail

In this lesson, Karen begins to add some lovely detail such as sugarpaste sprinkles as well as some fun edible paint work to really make the cake pop.

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8. Finishing touches

Karen shows us how to make adorable little edible characters made from sugarpaste. They can be altered in various ways to make them themed or a particular gender. Cute and simple.

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9. Other ideas

Here Karen shares some other ideas you can try out when making this cake. We’re sure you have some of your own brilliant ideas and we’d love to see what you come up with.

Please share your pics with us on our Facebook page as well as on Karen’s.

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10. Pro lesson

In this lesson, Karen shares some insider information about the cost to make this cake, as well as pricing, portions and other vital information for any professional cake designer.

It’s colourful, fun, and best of all – it’s super tasty! Karen’s Party Capers Cake is a sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  It’s made of chocolate mud cake, covered in tasty ganache and decorated with sugarpaste. All the decorations too are edible, plus simple and quick to make.
This cake is perfect for a children’s party, and can be adapted in all sorts of ways. Imagine presenting this at a kid’s party and making the little characters look like mini comic book characters! A cake that entertains is bound to impress.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to ganache using the lid technique, cover in creative ways, create a sliced cake effect, make edible decorations and characters, edible paint work much much more. This cake is perfect for those looking to progress from beginner to intermediate, and would make a fantastic addition to your cake resume.

We’d love to see your take on the Party Capers Cake  – so share your snaps with us on our Facebook page!

Karen Keaney

Karen Keaney

Karen Keaney is a multi award winning cake decorator and owner of her custom cake decorating business, Roses and Bows Cakery. Known for her airbrushing skills, sculpted cakes and her unique approach to cake design, Karen's cake designs are unique and instantly recognizable.
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